Connecting and encouraging Christians; introducing people to JESUS!


Unite 100th
UNITE 100th

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The familiar slogan we've shown on our posters since 2011 is also back and we're simply doing what we always said we'd do: Connecting and encouraging Christians and introducing people to Jesus!

We achieve this in our Saturday evening events by inviting folks from all Christian backgrounds to come along to give glory to God, worship Him and share accounts of what Jesus has done in their lives. How good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters dwell together in UNITY! The atmosphere is informal, the music is contemporary, we have some excellent speakers as our guests - and we have some fun! Take a look at our ‘Upcoming events' page. We encourage new ministries, make them known and connect evangelists with local churches. We love non-Christians to come along to enjoy the upbeat atmosphere and be stimulated in the things of God. We make sure the Gospel of Salvation is made clear in these meetings and always give people the opportunity to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Christians Unite

Over the years we have encouraged and promoted many varied ministries which have blossomed and flourished and are now really significant in the body of Jesus Christ - the Church.

We are active in sharing the Gospel on the streets of the local towns in North Staffordshire when Christians from across the area join with us on Saturday mornings. Another initiative we have found very worthwhile is the Pastors' Breakfast when we gather Ministers/Pastors from across the area over breakfast to introduce themselves to each other and be encouraged by a motivational Christian speaker.

In all these things we believe we are being simply ‘pillars' to hold up a platform for the Lord Jesus to come and take centre-stage!

May God bless you and your families with His very best!!

Cedric & Jean Barber